Survey Results is a Surveying/Spatial company focused on Engineering & Construction. Based in Perth, we provide services across Western Australia and the Northern Territory to a diverse range of clients.


From the moment Survey Results was established our underpinning values have always been innovation and servicing core clients well. Over the years we have built our business on the success of these values and strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.


We are strong advocates of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) with our former General Manager, Bernard O’Sullivan, having held a number of roles inside the organisation including Director, 2015/16 National President and Chair of the Engineering and Mining Surveying Commission (2011 to present).


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As with any organisation, we are only as good as the team we assemble and the attitude we bring. We work diligently at Survey Results to source the right people to provide the best service and outcomes to your projects. Currently our staffing provides a diverse range of skills and knowledge ideally suited to your next project.


ESP-AP Certification is a professional level Engineering Surveying Certification offered by the SSSI to ensure quality and validity across the industry. All of our staff are either certified or currently working towards certification.


Survey Results also employees a number of trainees who are undertaking study with various vocational institutions, further nurturing the next generation of skilled surveyors.